Smoke Free
Smoke Free

As of January 1, 2017, the Housing Authority of the City of Goldsboro will be smoke-free at all of its properties and administrative offices. 

HACG is partnering with the Wayne County Health Department on smoking cessation classes for those residents who want to quit. If you are interested, please click on the link below and complete the Smoking Cessation Referral Form.




Why is the HACG going smoke-free?

Smoke-free housing protects the health of all HACG residents, saves money, and is strongly supported by the public. 


Does a smoke-free policy mean that I cannot live here if I am a smoker?

No. A smoke-free building does not mean that people who smoke cannot live in the building or that people who smoke must quit. It simply means that people cannot smoke inside the building or in other areas specified in the policy, such as on balconies. 


Isn’t it discriminatory against smokers to have a smoke-free building?

No. Smoke-free policies are not discriminatory. It is legal to not allow smoking in your buildings. There is no constitutional “right to smoke,” and people who smoke are not a protected class.


How are smoke-free policies enforced? 

“No Smoking” rules are enforced just as any other lease rule. They are largely self-enforcing. Landlords and property managers need to respond promptly to reports of violation, especially when the policy is newly enacted. Should they occur, violations are handled like any other lease or rule violation, such as noise or pets.


Does this include e-cigarettes and other forms of tobacco?

Yes. The policy includes all forms of tobacco, snuff, vapors, and chewing tobacco.