Resident Services
Resident Services


As a leading housing authority in eastern North Carolina, the Housing Authority Of The City Of Goldsboro (HACG) continues to embody its mission of breaking the stigma of public housing. HACG believes that the experience of living as a part of its community can serve as a catapult for launching its residents toward personal success and self-sufficiency.

HACG is excited to highlight the success of the resident services department in providing services that give its residents the tools and resources necessary to thrive. Our Resident Services Department works to find creative solutions in making partnerships for assistance available in areas such as education, credit and finances, skill set improvement, homeownership, employment opportunities, and job training.

The Resident Services department is responsible for coordinating service offerings that truly reflect the needs expressed by its community. These resources enhance the quality of life for the HACG residents while putting an emphasis on providing a sense of community.

HACG takes pride in providing its residents with opportunities for employment, certifications, and scholarships. The backbone of the HACG department is partnerships. The dedicated staff continues to develop new and strengthen current relationships with service providers, faith-based organizations, public transportation, and local government agencies to create support services/linkages to meet resident needs.  At HACG, affordable housing serves as a stepping block to a brighter future.

To learn more about our Resident Services offerings, view the tabs to your right or contact us at 919.735.4226 ext. 1301.