About HACG
About HACG

The Housing Authority of the City of Goldsboro is a High Performing Public Housing Agency located in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Under the direction of Mr. Anthony Goodson, Jr., the Housing Authority has become a leading provider of resident services and property management in Wayne County. In addition to providing decent, safe, and sanitary housing, HACG focuses on personal responsibility, upward mobility, fiscal responsibility, and programmatic integrity with a daily challenge of Brightening Spirits to Regain Optimism. We believe that housing is an integral part of providing opportunities for all.

HACG currently provides services through up to 1225 public housing units and 237 Housing Choice Vouchers/Section 8 Vouchers. HACG also administers several special use voucher programs, including 27 VASH vouchers to serve veterans and 20 Mainstream Vouchers for those at risk of homelessness. We have 9 main public housing sites on over 180 acres which include Fairview Homes, Trinity Court, Lincoln Homes, Walnut Street School Apartments, Elmwood Terrace, Woodcrest, Little Washington, West Haven Apartments, and our newest renovation project, Park Court Apartments, which is slated to be a Gold level LEED-certified project.

As an innovative agency that puts residents first, HACG has many grant and community programs to assist its residents in achieving self-sufficiency. HACG is now one of the few agencies in the country that has been awarded multiple Jobs Plus grants from HUD. In 2015, we received $2.7 million for Jobs Plus services at our West Haven site, and in 2021, we received $2.3 million to serve residents through Jobs Plus at our Lincoln Housing sites. HACG also has continuing programs for the Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency Program and the Family Self-Sufficiency Program. This allows us to provide multiple opportunities for growth to our residents. These programs can assist with employment services, education, barriers to employment such as transportation and childcare, and in some cases, even assist with homeownership. Our award-winning resident-services staff members have a true heart for service and constantly think of new and different ways to help our clients.

HACG is truly a leader in its industry, winning various awards for development, program creation, leadership, newsletters, risk mitigation, and community work.  We partner with many local agencies to enhance services and reduce silos and are involved in national, state, and local industry groups. Never satisfied with the status quo, HACG goes above and beyond to find the best way to assist those in need and increase opportunities for affordable housing.

If you would like to partner with us or learn more about our agency, please contact us.