Partners in Education
Partners in Education

HACG 5k to Carver Heights Elementary    HACG 5k to North Drive Elementary

North Carolina's funding level per student is well below the national average, and being in a rural county (Wayne), funding continues to be lower than in more affluent school districts. We know that a lack of monetary support can cause staffing shortages and a lack of necessary resources, which impacts the education that our youth receive.

The Housing Authority of the City of Goldsboro, since 2019, has worked to ensure that the schools that play a role in our youth's education are granted additional funding. Annually our agency presents each of our feeder schools with a $5,000 monetary donation to say "Thank You!" This budgeted amount totals $25,000 annually and has supported the school's academic achievement initiatives, various parental involvement activities, learning challenges amidst a pandemic, staffing shortages, and other efforts geared at educational enhancement for students and staff outlined in the school's continuous learning and improvement plans.

We want our student's K-12th grade, their families, and the educational staff entrusted to them to know we support them and want them to succeed. We are honored to continue our partnership with Carver Heights Elementary School, North Drive Elementary School, Dillard Middle School, Wayne Academy, and Goldsboro High School. We look forward to continuous collaborations throughout the school year!  

HACG 5k to Dillard Middle School  HACG 5k to Wayne Middle High

HACG 5k to Goldsboro High School