Employee Directory
Employee Directory

Anthony Goodson_Executive Director Headshot

Anthony Goodson Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Sharita Oates Director of Administration Headshot

Sharita Oates

Chief Operating Officer

Cindy Collins_Chief Financial Officer Headshot

Cindy Collins

Chief Financial Officer

Matilda Bedford_Director of Asset Management Headshot

Matilda Bedford

Director of Asset Management

Tracey Pate_Human Capital Manager Headshot

Tracey Pate

Human Capital Manager

Jessica Goldman Compliance Headshot

Jessica Goldman

Compliance/Property Manager II

Keith Curtis Project Manager Headshot

Keith Curtis

Project Manager

Sabrina Rule Section 8 Headshot

Sabrina Rule

Section 8 Coordinator

Ayisha Razzak Ellis_Jobs Plus Director Headshot

Ayisha Razzak-Ellis

Director of Jobs Plus

Jedidah Hayes_ROSS Grant Coordinator Headshot

Jedidiah Hayes

ROSS Grant Coordinator

Mack Murray Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator Headshot

Mack Murray

Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator