CEO Message
CEO Message

As the CEO of the Goldsboro Housing Authority, I am proud to be a part of an organization that constantly strives to be a leader in the public housing community. From opportunity enhancement for residents to lease enforcement to protect the safety and welfare of the individuals we serve, Goldsboro Housing Authority has made strides in every arena to reach out to our communities and to better the services we offer.

Over the next decade, I envision a renewed strength and uplifted facade for our housing stock. While funding may be limited, we are always searching for opportunities that would enable us to enhance our developments. The Goldsboro Housing Authority will continue to search for novel ideas to improve the lives of our residents and the surrounding communities. This will be accomplished by focusing on three pillars:

  • Our Residents
  • Our Developments
  • Our Staff

Our Residents

Our residents are currently benefiting from collaborative partnerships with outside agencies and comprehensive, self-sufficiency focused programs such as the ROSS Grant Initiative. Understanding that housing is only a component of livelihood will allow the Goldsboro Housing Authority to encourage our residents to concentrate on their quality of life. Training and enforcement programs will increase fairness, safety, and security for everyone living in our housing developments while promoting responsibility for residents.

Our Developments

Utilizing the limited resources available to us to create housing opportunities with a different look and feel will uplift our aging developments and act as a catalyst for change in our communities.  Utilizing capital funds, operating reserves, and additional funding source we intend to elevate our developments to a new echelon unseen in previous years.

Our Staff

Promoting a customer service-oriented staff who are dedicated to their residents is a primary ideal of the Goldsboro Housing Authority. We continually train and develop staff on providing courtesy customer service to all residents while maintaining the high standards instituted by the housing authority. Certification and development opportunities allow staff members to gain a wealth of knowledge that can assist them in the day-to-day operations to which they are so vital.

My vision for the Goldsboro Housing Authority is to maintain our high performing status as a housing authority renowned for its creative and community-oriented ideas which are supported by a foundation of well-trained staff and solidified procedures. I look forward to standing at the helm of a vessel so determined to be destined for greatness in its service category.