Book Rich Environments
Book Rich Environments

The Housing Authority Of The City Of Goldsboro (HACG) proudly enters its second year with the National Book Foundation's Book Rich Environments (BRE) program. In its inaugural year, this beneficial partnership exceeded expectations by continuing the HACG mission of providing resources for the enrichment of its residents and creating an environment that promotes self-sufficiency and personal development.

As one of only two agencies in the state of North Carolina participating in the BRE program, HACG has taken on the responsibility of addressing the issue of limited access to books and libraries head-on. Last year over 1500 books were distributed within the community via several literacy-based events, including the Books, Bikes & BBQ kick-off event, as well as Back to School Bashes in each community, Halloween, and Christmas literacy-fueled celebrations.

The National Book Foundation is made possible with the help of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the U.S. Department of Education, the Urban Libraries Council, and the National Center for Families Learning, serving as its primary contributors. The following three key components of the initiative are implemented by more than 50 HUD-supported communities across the country:

  • Book Distribution - free, high-quality, diverse books provided to children and families living in HUD-assisted housing.
  • Library Engagement - young people and families engaged in the love of reading and connected with the ongoing literacy activities offered by the local public library.
  • Partnership Building - strategic partnerships on the local level are established between the local public housing authority, the local library, and local literacy partners to develop and deliver ongoing community and educational programming.

As a leading housing authority in eastern North Carolina, HACG is excited to continue its efforts with a calendar of additional organized events for 2023 that provide the opportunity to place books directly in the hands of the children and families that need them the most.