Jobs Plus
Jobs Plus

Jobs Plus develops locally based, job-driven approaches to increase earnings and advance employment outcomes through work readiness, employer linkages, job placement, educational advancement, skills development, and financial literacy for public housing residents. This place-based program supports economic resilience for residents by incentivizing and enabling employment through income disregard for working families, benefitting the entire community and supporting a work culture.

Project Summary
Lincoln Homes is comprised of 289 units (205 workable individuals), and the economic conditions at Lincoln Homes are severe. Most (80%) of the families have incomes that qualify as Extremely Low Income. In addition, 85% of workable adults have no source of earned income.

The Housing Authority of the City of Goldsboro (HACG) Jobs Plus program will provide the residents at Lincoln Homes Apartments an opportunity to reach their highest potential and take steps that will lead to their eventual self-sufficiency. HACG and its partners will provide ongoing training and supportive services, including employment-related services with the following:

  • Employment and employment-related services.
  • Financial literacy coaching and information.
  • Supportive services to ensure residents overcome their barriers to employment.

In the end, the HACG Jobs Plus program will allow the households that reported no earned income, those on welfare, and those with no earned income an opportunity to end their poverty cycle, create action plans to overcome obstacles and become self-sufficient. Jobs Plus will create a culture that values work, praises responsibility, and honors economic independence and a culture that will last long after the term of the grant.

Are you interested in getting a job, getting your GED, getting certified as a CNA, phlebotomist, or pharmacy tech, or getting an associate's degree?

If so, then the Jobs Plus Program is for you!

Any resident aged 18 to 64 or 14 to 17 on the lease at Lincoln Homes qualifies for the Jobs Plus Program.

What can the Jobs Plus Program do for you?

As a self-sufficiency program, Jobs Plus can offer the following services:

  • training and certification classes
  • job search assistance
  • access to local employers
  • access to offender re-entry programs
  • computer classes
  • employment linkages
  • job placement assistance
  • soft skills
  • resume assistance
  • furthering your education
  • launching or growing your own business
  • career planning
  • financial literacy
  • onsite job fairs
  • onsite computer lab
  • daycare assistance
  • transportation assistance
  • uniforms and work attire
  • rent incentive
    • The rent incentive helps residents who gain employment or get a raise not to have a rent increase.  It is only available on earned income, and residents must be enrolled in the Jobs Plus rent incentive program before earning income.

HACG Jobs Plus Staff outside in blue tshirts

Stop by our office at 1009 Slaughter St., Goldsboro, NC 27530, to enroll.

For more information, contact Ayisha Razzak-Ellis by phone at 919-750-6847 or email at