Below is a list of HACG Departmental Highlights


Strategy/Capital Fund:

  • Continuation of the construction phase for Park Court (currently proposed completion date May 31, 2022) and entering into our first LEED project
  • Preparation of Environmental Reviews for AMP1, AMP2, AMP3, AMP4
  • Generator Installations completed at Administrative Office, Walnut Street School Apartments, and WAGES Daycare Center
  • Demolition Application submissions for West Haven and Elmwood Flood Units (awaiting SAC HUD Approval pending Environmental Review Completion)
  • Preparation of re-submission of Fairview Demolition application for building on Fairview Circle with updated TDC Renovation estimates pending Environmental Review Completion.
  • Electrical upgrades are in progress at Fairview Apartments. Work is being completed in phases.

Resident Services:

  • Awarded a second 4-year Jobs Plus(JP) grant for Lincoln Homes in the amount of $2.3 Million
  • JP Enrolled 60 residents in the first 3 months.
  • Partnered with One-to-One with Youth to provide onsite rapid COVID testing for residents and staff
  • Delivered food boxes to senior residents on the 2nd Tuesday of each month
  • Provided monthly blood pressure checks and health education to all residents with a focus on seniors
  • Received a $10,000 grant to support health education and senior pantries
  • Provided toiletries in senior pantries at each community for all seniors 55 and over in need
  • Started grocery store transportation service for seniors 55 years and older
  • 2 Residents Successfully Graduated & Obtained Homeownership
  • FSS Grant Renewal: $66,746
  • FSS Program size has decreased to 23 minimal slots because of our achievements
  • 1 Resident has built a successful business through FSS using escrow funds. Obtained their LLC and has a vendor booth in the mall
  • Escrow Balance of $31,706.74
  • The host site for Resourceful Clinical Laboratories (COVID-19 Testing/Vaccinations)
  • HACG Sponsored 9 youth residents to tour St. Augustine College and Johnson Community College
  • A + Driving School facilitated Basic Driving Classes virtually and in person for HACG and the community
  • Partnered with Case Farms for onsite Job Fair and continual employment recruitment
  • Case Farms sponsored 100 HACG Residents with Holiday food boxes
  • Partnered with Goldsboro Fire Department to provide Fire Safety and Prevention Classes for residents
  • Applied for and awarded by the NCDOT with 100 bicycle helmets for our youth residents
  • Applied for and awarded the Book Rich Environment Award of 1300 books for our residents
  • Partnered with OIC and introduced the SOAR Program to HACG residents
  • Book Rich Environment Kickoff Event- Books, Bikes, and BBQ
  • Partnered with various community partners for the HACG annual Back to School events
  • Partnered with Rebuilding Broken Places for N-95 mask give away for residents
  • Hosted a variety of virtual events (Pretty Tough, Mental Health Matters)
  • Partnered with Mental Health Professionals to provide recorded Mental Health Segments for our residents and the general public on social media platforms
  • Partnered with community partners to assist residents with successful record expungement
  • Completed a successful Cohort Program and hosted the graduation virtually


  • GL interface with ADP complete
  • Auto Approval applied to timesheets
  • Implemented Safety Boot Truck for staff
  • Implemented Hospitality Committee
  • Received $250 and Collaboration Award for COVID-19 Response Efforts
  • Enhanced Employee Weekly Communications with Bingo
  • Organized Shred Day - 19 Large Containers
  • Currently Working on Successful Open Enrollment
  • In the process of completing Team Building Training for Staff
  • Driver Safety Classes


  • Our regular voucher program, with an allocated 237 vouchers, maintained our leasing percentage based on funding at 99.16% as of date.
  • The VASH vouchers, in which we have an allocated amount of 27 vouchers, have a current leasing percentage based on the funding of 131.83%.
  • The relationship between the HCV office and the VASH coordinator continues to be strong.
  • The Mainstream voucher program, with an allocated 20 vouchers, had a leasing percentage based on the funding of 93% to date.
  • There are 23 HCV participants enrolled in the FSS program. Of those 23, 13 participants have money in an escrow account.
  • We have begun to transition into Rent Cafe. Letters of registration went out to all landlords, voucher holders, and people on the waitlist. The participants with upcoming August and September recertifications have begun to use our new method versus mailing out paper recertifications.


  • Accelerated month-end closings practically every month, facilitating increased Executive management and board review.
  • Drew down, tracked, reported & closed out Cares fund for AMPs and Voucher program.
  • A total of $786,191 was the total amount of Cares funds for the AMPs.
  • The Voucher program was given $66,944 in Cares admin that was used for admin expenses.
  • Processed and tracked the $3 million OFFP loan for construction at Trinity and Walnut.
  • The loan was closed out, and Walnut and Trinity were added to fixed assets on 6/30/21.
  • The balance of loans from Walnut and Trinity were paid back to COCC in April, totaling $271,500.
  • We continue to send out ACH letters with checks and have new vendors sign up.
  • Some check runs are mostly ACH instead of checks, and payroll-related benefits are done ACH.
  • The audit for 2021 was very successful and were looking forward to another great audit this year.
  • Budgets for 22-23 have been prepared and will be presented to the Board in May for approval.
  • The total of all budgets was over $12 million.
  • Flood zones changed again, which put some additional units in a flood zone.
  • When adding the new units, we discovered that some did not have enough coverage; all policies have been reviewed, and coverage increased.

Maintenance/Property Management:

  • Maintained Occupancy Rate of 99%
  • Maintained turn around days at 16.7 days
  • Maintained Delinquency Rate of at a minimum of 98%
  • Maintained Accounts Receivable at during the Rent Moratorium 15.81%
  • Audit findings 0
  • Implemented the Yardi Rent Café Portal, which enables residents to do recerts and report changes online, and when payment processing is implemented, they can pay rent online; applicants to apply and update their applications, and landlords can see their HAP payments, inspections, and update EFT information.