Below is a list of HACG Departmental Highlights


Strategy/Capital Fund:

  • Completion and 100% occupancy of Walnut Street Schools and Trinity Court Apartments
  • Beginning of construction phase for Park Court (currently entering month 3 with months 1 and 2 slightly ahead of schedule) and entering into our first LEED project
  • Completion of internet infrastructure project with access for all PHA public housing residents
  • SERC Development Award for our OFFP Projects at Trinity and Walnut
  • FSS Grant Renewal: $66,746
  • Jobs Plus Grant Award (Lincoln): $2.3 million
  • Capital Fund Safety and Security: $215,000
  • HAI Loss Prevention Fund: $49,525.87

Resident Services:

  • Received NAHRO Merit Award for Pretty Tough Women's Support Group
  • Received NAHRO Merit Award for Kindergarten Boot Camp
  • Received Recognition for HACG Newsletter
  • Host site for Unlimited Impact Summer Tutorial Program
  • Wayne County Public School Partners in Education (PIE) w/ Wayne Academy
  • Provided $21,500 for school donations (PIE) North Drive School, Carver Heights School, Dillard Middle School, Goldsboro High School, and Wayne Academy
  • Partnered w/ Aaron's and Resourceful Clinical Laboratory for Back-to-School Giveaway
  • Volunteered at Carver Heights Elementary School for Garden Collaboration Community Day
  • Awarded 2 residents HACG Scholar Scholarship (Goldsboro High School, Wayne School of Engineering) in the amount of $4000 plus $500 in College Essentials
  • Awarded 1 recipient HACG Scholar Community Scholarship
  • 2nd HACG Resident Cohort was conducted virtually; 2nd HACG Resident Graduation was completed (all 6 participants received laptops)
  • HACG sponsored 15 students from Carver Heights Elementary to WCC's Junior Bison Summer Academy
  • HACG Winter Coat Drive (received over 80+ coats, gently new and used)
  • Partnered w/ Wayne County Public Schools for Grab & Go Meal Distribution
  • A+ Driving School facilitated Basic Driving Classes virtually for HACG residents and the community
  • Partnered w/ Kinetic Minds for FREE Virtual Tutoring for grades K-8
  • Partnered w/ the Wayne County Health Department and Goldsboro-Wayne Transportation for Vaccination Initiative HACG seniors 65+
  • Partnered w/ ADLA to provide Food Boxes during vaccination and COVID-19 on-site testing
  • HACG sponsored Fall Mobile Trunk or Treat Event partnering w/ various community organizations, including Wayne UpLift, Goldsboro Fire Department, Partnership for Children of Wayne County, Wayne Community College, Goldsboro Police Department
  • Partnered w/ Resourceful Clinical Laboratory to provide monthly on-site COVID-19 testing and vaccinations
  • Partnered with the City of Goldsboro and ADLA Eats to provide hot meals to residents
  • Partnered w/ Hope for Goldsboro to feed HACG residents
  • HACG sponsored the virtual 2021 Spring Job Fair
  • HACG partnered w/ Goldsboro Police Department to improve community policing efforts and community collaborations
  • Hosted a variety of events virtually (Pretty Tough, Special Education & Mental Health)
  • Partnered w/ St. Mark Church for mask giveaway and COVID-19 vaccination registration
  • HACG successfully ran its FSS program through the pandemic, filling minimal slot requirements
  • Approx. 5k in escrow from residents
  • One FSS resident has graduated and met the goal of homeownership
  • FSS coordinator successfully fulfilled certification requirements via Nan McKay


  • Throughout COVID-19, communicated safety protocols for employees & training for maintenance staff, contact tracing, Positive Employee Care Boxes, calls and texts to let employees know we were concerned about them, weekly communication and educational awareness for employees - agency remained at 5 Positive cases total for the duration of the 15 months
  • Tuition Assistance Increased to 7 participants
  • Facilitated successful NC Retirement audit
  • Removed/Turned in time clocks and implemented computer login for all employees
  • Facilitated the digital scan process of all site plans for each development
  • Enhanced Employee Communications - Signs set up in designated areas of all offices and maintenance shops/One Call Now
  • Integrated Employee Navigator (Open Enrollment System) and ADP
  • Team Talk - Employee Newsletter
  • Implemented new birthday recognition for all employees
  • Organized Shred Day - 17 Large Containers
  • Hosted will, living will, and power of attorney training for all employees with Mr. Baddour
  • Currently working on managing a successful open enrollment


  • Our regular voucher program, with an allocated 237 vouchers, maintained our leasing to stay at or above 100% of our leasing percentage based on funding. (101.35%)
  • The VASH vouchers, as you know, have been working and have the most drastic improvement. We ended the last physical year at 66% leasing percentage based upon funding. For this physical year, the VASH vouchers rose to 107.84% leasing percentage based on funding. We believe the excellent relationship that we have with the Goldsboro VA team has made this program a success. Also, the retention rate has improved. We are still working on getting the remaining vouchers leased up. At the end of May, there were 17 vouchers housed. This month four more will be housed.
  • The Mainstream voucher program, with an allocated 20 vouchers, had a leasing percentage based on funding of 123%.
  • We had 23 HCV participants enroll in FSS by December 2nd.
  • We had one participant that became a zero HAP and also an FSS participant who became a homeowner!
  • Recertified in rent calculations in May.


  • Reassigned job duties within the finance department to improve productivity.
  • A total of $728,213.19 has been drawn down to date from Cares funds for the AMPs.
  • We were given $66,944 in Cares admin funds for Voucher
  • Processed and tracked the $3 million OFFP loan for construction at Trinity and Walnut.
  • At this time, there is only $343 of the OFFP loan that has not been used; once the balance is used, we will be closing out the loan, which will be this month.
  • Walnut and Trinity will be added to Fixed Assets by year-end 6/30/21.
  • Since ACH was set up with the bank, we continue sending letters with checks and have new ones signed up for ACH. Some check runs are mostly ACH instead of checks.
  • We are also paying a lot of payroll-related benefits via ACH.
  • The audit for 2020 was very successful, and we look forward to another great audit this year.
  • Budgets for 21-22 were prepared and presented to the Board in May and were approved.
  • The total of all budgets was over $12 million.
  • We completed the setup of bank accounts in Yardi for tenant payments to be made online beginning in the next fiscal year.

Maintenance/Property Management:

  • Maintained Occupancy Rate of 99%
  • Maintained turnaround days at 14 days 14.1 days
  • Maintained a Delinquency Rate of at a minimum of 98%
  • Maintained Accounts Receivable at during the Rent Moratorium 11.15%
  • Audit findings 0
  • Employees certified in HVAC 4
  • Employee obtained Real Estate License 1