Section 8 Application
Section 8 Application


The waitlist is currently closed.

The purpose of the Mainstream Voucher Program is to provide rental assistance for non-elderly (18-61), low-income families with at least one verifiably disabled family member. 


Are you a person between the age of 18 to 61 years, with a verifiable disability?

Is your family currently homeless as defined below?

The following situations define homelessness for the Mainstream program:

  • Living outside or in a car
  • Living in a shelter
  • Living in a hotel/motel that is paid for by a nonprofit organization or a governmental institution
  • Currently living in an institution for less than 90 days and was otherwise homeless before entering the institution

Are you in immediate danger of losing your primary nighttime residence AND have nowhere else to go and not enough resources to find other permanent housing?

Have you previously experienced homelessness AND are currently participating in a permanent supportive housing program or rapid rehousing program?

Are you transitioning out of institutional and/or other segregated settings?

Are you at serious risk of institutionalization?


Application Information

The waitlist is currently closed.

We are an Equal Housing Opportunity Provider. We provide housing without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, physical or mental handicap, familial status, national origin, or other protected class.