The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Cover

The Community Connect 
2020 Issue 02

Back to School

District Plans, Family Needs, and Student Success

Why Vote?

Be Counted! Be Heard!

Covid-19 Testing

The Community Connect 2020 Issue 02 Cover

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Directory


HACG Main Building
700 N. Jefferson Ave.
(919) 735-4226

1608 E. Holly St.
(919) 735-4226 x 1135

Jobs Plus
138 Dupoint Circle
(919) 735-4226 x 1406

1608 E. Holly St.
(919) 735-4226 x 1126

1906 Edgerton St.
(919) 735-4226 x 1301

Resident Services
1906 Edgerton St.
(919) 735-4226 x 1301

Fairview Apartments
1729 Edgerton St.
Goldsboro, NC 27530
(919) 735-4226 x 1133

Lincoln Homes
1009 Slaughter St.
(919) 735-4226 x 1138
(919) 735-4226 x 1137

Elmwood Terrace
409 Hinson St.
(919) 735-4226 x 1140
(919) 735-4226 x 1141

West Haven Development
701 West Oak St.
(919) 735-4226 x 1142
(919) 735-4226 x 1143

GHA Maintenance Emergencies
(919) 735-4080

Law Enforcement
(919) 705-6572


Board of Commissioners

Chairwoman - Goldie Smith

Vice Chair - Richard Durham

I. K. Williamson

Jean Whitfield

William Turner

Washea Lancaster

Don Barnes




The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Returning to School

Returning to School

by Ayisha Razzak-Ellis

As we enter into the second half of the year, the coronavirus continues to spread as social distancing and sheltering in place guidelines have been relaxed. More people are testing positive, being hospitalized, and dying from the virus. As the pandemic continues, one of the biggest questions and concerns is whether or not your children will return to school in the fall, or continue to learn remotely. 

Is Returning to School Safe?

There is no simple answer to this question, as each state and county has a different belief and definition as to what is considered safe. Also, different areas of the US are at different stages of the pandemic. On one hand, public health officials believe that returning to school on a more regular or a full-time basis will not be safe for students or teachers. However, some believe that creating a modified schedule will work for some school systems. Strict guidelines will have to be followed. Everyone will have to participate in keeping not only the students safe, but the teachers and staff as well.The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP)  strongly encourages returning to the classroom, especially for younger children. Ultimately, returning to school is important for children's mental, emotional, and physical health. This is why it's imperative that school systems work with teachers and parents to ensure that children of all ages' needs are being met while maintaining a safe environment to learn and succeed. 

What is the Minimum Required for Schools to Reopen Safely?

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Desk spread 3 to 6 feet apart
  • Teachers, students, and support staff must wear masks
  • Temperatures must be checked daily before students enter the school  If someone has a temperature or other symptoms, they must not be allowed inside
  • Regular cleaning/disinfecting of bathrooms, doorknobs, desks, and other high touch areas
  • One way hallways to avoid students being too close to each other 
  • Hand sanitizer stations in each classroom
  • Social distancing during all periods including class time, lunches, and PE
  • Mixture of remote and in-class learning

Should I Let My Child Return to School?

Parents will need to decide if they want their child(ren) to return to a school on a modified schedule. While making the decision, the parent should consider the age of the child, the local number of cases in their county, whether their child will follow needed guidelines, and whether or not their child is at higher risk. Additionally, parents should take into consideration their ability to stay home with younger children or if they have to work. Again, there is no one answer that is right for everyone. Parents will need to decide what works for them and their child, and then make an informed decision.  

For additional information on school reopenings, please visit your local school system's website, go to or visit Remember to always wear a mask, stay six feet away from others, and wash your hands regularly to protect yourself and others.

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Back to School

Back to School Bash in Elmwood

Back to School Supply Drives

August 10th- Lincoln Homes (11am-12:30pm)    

August 11th- West Haven (1pm-3pm)

August 12th- Elmwood (11:00am-1pm)     

August 13th- Fairview (10am-12pm)

August 14th- Worrell Contracting 201 N. Center St. (5pm-7pm)

August 16th- WA Foster Center (12:30pm-2:30pm)

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Why Vote?

Why Vote? Because Your Life and Happiness May Depend On It

by Luke Redd

Why vote when you are just one person among millions? You're about to learn 13 good reasons. But here's the most basic answer: If you care about your future and want the best things for your friends, your family, other people, and the environment, you should vote in every election.

Most U.S. citizens who are 18 or over have the right to be part of the political decision-making process that impacts all of us. Why would you ignore that enormous privilege? Our right to vote is fundamental to our way of life. It's why many Americans believe that not voting equals not caring. Simply put, it is our responsibility to vote because our freedom to pursue happiness depends on having a functional, representative democracy. The system only works if we participate in it.

When it comes to the well-being of college students and young people, voting is especially important. Your inaction can have long-lasting ramifications that are hard to overcome when you're older. That's why what happens on election day 2020 (November 3) is highly significant. All we really have is the present moment. Yes, every election matters. But no election matters more than the current one. It will always be that way.

So if you're an eligible American citizen, here's why you should vote:

  • Your vote is your voice (and you deserve to be heard)
  • A lot more is at stake than just who becomes president
  • Students and young people have the power to change everything
  • Higher education is becoming out of reach for too many Americans
  • Health care is still a major problem that your votes can help solve
  • Climate change threatens everybody's future (including yours)
  • You owe it to America's heroes (past and present)
  • You'll be seen as a doer, not a complainer
  • Other people are depending on you to do the right thing
  • It's your duty to help prevent fascism and tyranny
  • You're lucky you even have the right to vote
  • Elections can have severe consequences that last for decades
  • You probably don't have a good excuse not to vote

Upcoming Voter Registration Drives:

8/18/2020 from 9-11 am - Fairview 

8/19/2020 from 9-11 am - Lincoln 

8/25/2020 from 9-11 am - West Haven 

8/26/2020 from 9-11 am - Elmwood 

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Census

People Be Counted

Your Census Matters.

Census takers will soon be knocking on doors of those who have not filled out forms.

The census occurs once every 10 years, however, protocols and timelines had to be changed this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The census is a count of everyone in the United States and where they live. It determines where federal funding is allocated, such as schools, roads, and other resources. It also plays a crucial role in how many congressional seats states are allotted and how much representation communities get.

Help Make NC Count!

Completing the survey is quick and easy to do. By using your phone, tablet or computer, or simply grabbing a pencil or pen, you can complete the questionnaire, spending less than 10 minutes on what can impact your community in the next 10 years. 

The process is safe, easy, and important and you can respond in one of three ways:


It's safe, secure, and confidential. Your information and privacy are protected, visit


To complete the questionnaire by phone call 844-330-2020.


When responding, use blue or black ink to fill in the questionnaire. Do not use a pencil. When finished, return the questionnaire in the envelope provided.

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Covid Testing

Covid Testing Participants in West Haven


Our agencies have come together to ensure that area residents are tested properly and effectively while helping to prevent the spread of the virus.

Resourceful Clinical Laboratory and Telugu Association of Greater Charlotte Area are both non-profit organizations created to inspire, uplift, and be a resource for those in need. While the Housing Authority of the City of Goldsboro strives to be a leader in the public housing industry and to improve the lives of the residents we serve. Over 500 individuals have been tested thus far and we're excited to announce more free testing opportunities!

Covid-19 Testers

Upcoming FREE Testing Sites:

August 13th (10am-1:30pm) - Fairview

August 20th (10am-1pm) - Lincoln Homes

August 22nd (10am-1pm) - Fairview

Testing procedure: Swab tests are inserted into each nostril for 15 seconds.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Stephanie Tyson at 980.213.5501 / or contact Resident Services at 919.735.4226 ext. 1301.

HACG Staff and Covid-19 Testing partners

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Resources

Mental Health Resources

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has two new mental health resources to support North Carolinians throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The Hope4NC Helpline (1-855-587-3463) connects North Carolinians to additional mental health and resilience supports that help them cope and build resilience during times of crisis. Hope4NC is now available 24 hours per day, seven days a week to speak to a live person.

Continuing Education

Wayne Community College's Workforce Continuing Education ed2go online courses are an option for individuals who want to continue learning in the safety of their homes. ed2go provides hundreds of career-related and personal enrichment courses. They are offered in eight-week sessions, both instructor-led and self-paced, and result in 2.4 Continuing Education Units. For more information, go to the ed2go webpage.

Residents interested in going back to school or receiving the latest certification like the National Career Certification are invited to connect with the ROSS Program for assistance with tuition and fees. Contact the ROSS Program at 919.735.4226 ext 1301.

HRD Success Lab Wayne Community College

HRD NCRC Success Lab 

4 Weeks | Online | $70*

Dates: 8/3-8/30, 8/14-9/14, 9/1-9/30, 9/14-10/14, 10/1-10/30, 10/15-11/16, 11/2-11/30, 11/16-12/16, 12/1-12/18

Join Wayne County's Work-Ready Community and obtain a portable workforce credential!

Preparation for the National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC) utilizing the ACT Workkeys Curriculum.

*All HRD courses have tuition fees waived for qualifying individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, or have received notice of layoff or pending layoff.

For more information, call 919-739-6900 for a registration form or visit online at

Annie Bryant Biblical Studies Degree

Self-Sufficiency Goals

Congratulations, to Jobs Plus participant, Ms. Annie Bryant for receiving her Associate's Degree in Biblical Studies from North Carolina College of Theology!

All things are possible to those who believe and have great support systems! If you're looking for support and encouragement on your journey to self-sufficiency then give us a call, we're here to help you crush your goals! Contact Jobs Plus at 919.735.4226 ext 1406.

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - ROSS Program


The purpose of the Resident Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) Program is to provide opportunities for families living in public housing to identify and work towards life goals and be connected to services in their community. These services will enable participating families to increase earned income, reduce or eliminate the need for welfare assistance, make progress toward achieving economic independence and housing self-sufficiency. 

Some of the service connections provided to families include: child care, transportation necessary to receive services, remedial education, CRC certification, financial management, soft skill training and any other services and resources appropriate to assist eligible families to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Whether you need supportive services to live independently, want to further your education, or increase your employability skills, the ROSS program is here to help!

Contact 919.735.4226 ext 1301 to get started.

Mrs. Perkins and resident registering for ROSS program


The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - FSS Program

FSS Program

The FSS program seeks to help participants make measurable progress toward economic security so that they no longer need welfare programs, are less dependent on rental assistance and are better able to achieve the goals they set out for themselves and plan for the future.

A financial incentive for participants to increase their earnings in the form of escrow savings accounts that increases as residents' earnings increase. The escrow account helps participants build savings that they can use to improve their quality of life and advance their personal goals.

Our current participants are averaging $1500 month in escrow savings, this could be you!

Our FSS program serves residents living in Elmwood, Little Washington, and Woodcrest as well as participants in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)- Section 8 Program. If you're ready to join us on the journey towards self-sufficiency then connect with our FSS Coordinator at 919.735.4226 ext 1126.

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

More than 500 job openings with the State of North Carolina. Which one is right for you? Make your next career move at

View positions currently available within Wayne County Government at

Multiple positions currently available within the City of Goldsboro see vacancies at

Over 100 positions available through Wayne County Public Schools visit to view job openings!

Also Hiring:

Wayne Community College


House of Raeford

Case Farms


For more opportunities at

Contact Jobs Plus Staff for assistance at (919) 735-4226 x 1406

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Wifi

HACG Wifi Connect

HACG Wifi Connect Information







As long as individuals are within proximity of these locations, they can access free wifi for remote learning, employment opportunities, etc. 

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Support Groups

Man Cave is Coming Soon!

A Place for Men and Young Men to Talk, Learn & Grow Together!

Express interest or learn more information by contacting:

Thad Washington at 919.735.4226 ext 1402.


Pretty Tough Women's Support Group

Last month, our ladies shared their pandemic wins:

  • Small businesses being started
  • Certification classes being completed
  • Credit scores rising and bank accounts opened due to information learned from Literacy Connections of Wayne County Bank on Wayne
  • Enrollment in self-sufficiency programs to further skills
  • New employment opportunities

Join us for support, encouragement, laughter, and adult conversation!

Next meeting on August 19th at 2pm, connect with us from your phone, tablet, or computer via GoToMeeting: 794-483-333.

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - New Apartments

Newly Modernized & Revitalized Apartments

by TightLines Designs

Since 2015, TightLines Designs has been collaborating with the Housing Authority of the City of Goldsboro (HACG) to help revitalize old apartment buildings in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Walnut Street Apartments

In addition to a full interior renovation, complete with new mechanical systems, some buildings were in need of asbestos abatement as well as lead paint removal. Each unit received new cabinetry, appliances, flooring, doors, paint, trim, and finishes. With approximately 1,200sf of community space with a full kitchen, an activity area, a tenant resource center with computers, and a new private office for on-site management.

Walnut Street Kitchen

Trinity Court Apartments

This was a renovation of 22 one-story apartments to include new exterior design, new cabinetry, flooring, stainless steel appliances, fresh paint,  front porches, and indoor washer and dryer amenities!

Front of Trinity Court Apartments

Youtube: Take a tour inside these apartments by searching "Housing Authority of the City of Goldsboro" on YouTube.


Walnut Street and Trinity Court Apartments provide living opportunities for those that qualify based on income eligibility and other priority categories. For eligibility criteria, please contact HACG's Occupancy Office at 919-735-4226 ext. 1135.

HACG is an equal opportunity housing provider.

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - From the CEO

From the CEO

Months have gone by and the coronavirus is still here impacting lives. Nevertheless, we have so much to be thankful for! I want to first, commend my staff for responding during these difficult times with innovative ideas, flexibility, and committing to our mission to meet the needs of the individuals we serve here in Goldsboro, NC. As you can see in this issue, they have been ensuring that protective equipment is available to our residents, along with offering numerous drive-thru testing opportunities. They've delivered food to our seniors, responded to work orders, and navigated the online world by offering our various programs virtually. Their work does not go unnoticed, I'd ask that you join me in "thanking" our employees who are going above and beyond even when our office doors are closed to the public.

Secondly, I have to appreciate our community partners who have made themselves readily available to assist residents and staff in providing meals onsite, volunteering during testing, and sponsoring our back to school pull up events. We wouldn't be who we are without your support!

Lastly, I have to thank everyone for helping us welcome the newest member of our HACG family, my firstborn, Anthony Goodson, III. Fatherhood is incredible and I'm blessed to have my wife and him home in good health. 

Our goal as a leader in the housing community is to ensure that our residents have the tools and resources necessary to be successful. I'd say that we are doing a great job of changing the housing narrative here in Goldsboro! Our residents, matter to us!

I invite you to stay up to date on news and community resources by connecting with us on social media. Subscribe to receive these updates by email or text message on our website at

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - What Home Means to Me

Genesis Hendrix Winning Artwork

What Home Means to Me

Congratulations, Genesis Hendrix for winning 1st place in the high school division for the CCHRCO "What Home Means to Me" poster contest and 2nd place for the entire Southeastern region! HACG is very proud of your accomplishments, keep up the great work!

genesis hendrix

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Teen Talk

Teen Talk Round table discussion

Don't Rush to Grow Up

(Excerpt from

When you reach your teenage years, you might wish to be treated more like an adult; to be given more independence and more say over your life, to wear more grown-up clothes, to watch more grown-up movies, and to do more grown-up things.

Growing up shouldn't, however, be something we try to make happen; it should just happen by itself as and when the right time comes. In all honesty, you should try to embrace your childhood for as long as you can because this is the time when you will live the most carefree of your days on this Earth.


Ghost Boys - Jewell Parker Rhodes

The book is a heartbreaking yet powerful exploration of Blackness that is all too real for young Black boys.

One Crazy Summer - Rita Williams-Garcia

The heartbreaking, funny tale of three girls learning the meaning of family.


The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Teen Talk Youth Concerns

  • Self-Esteem and Body Image
  • Stress
  • Bullying
  • Depression
  • Cyber Addiction
  • Drinking and Smoking
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Underage Sex
  • Defiant Behaviors
  • Peer-Pressure and Competition


Besides the coronavirus, our youth face many different obstacles on a daily basis.  The stress of being a teen along with self-esteem and body images can lead to depression.  Some teens turn to drugs and alcohol to help mask the pain they feel, but that only makes things worse.  

Youth Concerns & Issues

As schools look at ways to reopen safely for students and staff, the students will continue to struggle with what their daily lives will look like, especially for those entering their senior year.  No longer are the days of roaming the halls and proudly bragging at your senior status; this is a new normal.  School will not be the same and nor will the daily lives of students.  

Ask questions when you need answers, take breaks from school work as needed, go for a walk, while social distancing, take deep breaths and stretch.  Eat fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.  

You are beautiful, regardless of your size, you are worthy of love, and you matter.  Reach out to a trusted friend, family member, guidance counselor or one of your housing authority staff members if you need support or help.   

Contact us @ 919-735-4226 ext. 1406 if you feel you need support or have questions.


Money Corner

  • Open a savings or checking account at a bank.
  • Cards such as Netspend, Green Dot, and Chime should only be used as last resorts.
  • Do not get a credit card if you can't make more than the monthly payment.
  • Save, Save, Save!
  • Do not cosign for cars, credit cards, loans, or apartments!


NC College & Career Promise    

The Career and College Promise (CCP) Program will save TIME and MONEY for qualified high school students. The program will allow qualified high school students to enroll in college courses -TUITION FREE- while still enrolled in high school classes. Qualified high school students can move forward on well-defined pathways in order to accelerate the completion of college credentials.

For additional information concerning Career and College Promise (CCP), contact Lorie Waller  (919-739-6757) or Lisa Rich (919-739-6758).

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Teen Talk Advisory Board

Getting to Know

Keisha Saunders Jobs Plus

Mrs. Keisha Saunders

Case Manager for Jobs Plus

Started at Jobs Plus in October 2019, and states, "The best part about working with Jobs Plus is being able to help and support people in their efforts to overcome challenges and barriers to employment and to improve their quality of life.

Married with 3 children and 1 grandchild on the way.

Loves God, Family, and ideas.

Favorite color is red!

Advice for her 17-year-old self would be, things get better, don't give up on yourself,

you do not have to settle, so don't!


teen advisory board meeting

Teen Advisory Board

The goal of the West Haven Teen Advisory board is to be of service to others, to promote education, and to improve their community.  Their mission is:  To inspire and motivate our community by improving education and influencing change by empowering other youth!

Interested in joining the Teen Advisory Board or creating on in your neighborhood, contact Ayisha Razzak-Ellis

@ 919-735-4226 ext. 1406 or 919-750-6847

Genesis Hendrix Teen Advisory Board

Genesis Hendrix

The newest member of the Teen Advisory Board,

Loves to draw and paint.

Teen Advisory Board Cleaning up Jobs Plus Outside

Teen Advisory Board group cleaning up Jobs Plus outside

Service project: cleaning ground areas around jobs plus building.

Follow on social media for more upcoming events, scholarships, and resources!

The Community Connect - 2020 Issue 02 - Scholarships

Kyana Faulkner HACG Scholarship

Kyana Faulkner

Recipient of the HACG Scholarship graduated from North Carolina Virtual Academy and will receive $4000 towards furthering her education at the University of NC at Greensboro in the fall to pursue a Nursing Degree.

Quavaris Wellington HACG Scholarship

Quavaris Wellington Jr.

Recipient of the HACG Scholarship graduated from Aycock High School and will receive $4000 towards furthering his education at Howard University in the fall with plans to major in marketing with a minor in finance.

Bryant-Headshot HAI group

Shateanu Bryant

Recipient of the 2020 HAI Group Resident Scholarship will receive $6000 towards furthering her education at the University of NC at Greensboro with a major in biology.