Resident Services
Resident Services


The Goldsboro Housing Authority Resident Services Department works in conjunction with The ROSS program to provide residents with the tools needed to become self-sufficient. Resident Services works to promote self-sufficiency by creating positive relationships between the residents of the Goldsboro Housing Authority and local community resources by associating family-fun activities with educational opportunities. Community partners offer programs and services on and off-site  to help residents develop skills that will prepare them for economic independence. Services are available through referrals for any resident living in any Goldsboro Housing Authority housing development. Those services range from job training, health and financial literacy, youth and adult education to home ownership.

Contact a ROSS coordinator at 919.736.7533 or 919.947.0964 for more information.


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We now have a new program for our youth! The HACG Scholar Program provides resources for students to help them achieve their potential and get on the path to higher education.

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